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Who is he?

Doug Ironside has done this Theatre-type thing since he was a kid. He acts in all plays that require short bald men. He directs all plays that require tyrants. He started the Old Dance Hall Players in 2012 with his wife Stacey, as a desperate act to seek out culture in Orillia. He and Stacey are still looking for it, even if they did make some good friends!



Who is he?

Murph identifies as funny. He's an original member of ODHP and started improv in Doug and Stacey's first class back in 2012. Clever, talented & hilarious are just a few of the words used to describe the other members of ODHP. Murph... not so much! He's never been accused of being shy... inappropriate, most definitely... but never shy. Shirts off is his signature move. Fortunately God has blessed him with the perfect body for comedy - soft & lacking definition



Who is he?

Kevin is an actor, improvisor, clown and Christmas performer who has been doing his thing in the Simcoe County area for over 25 years. Being in the Old Dancehall Players has been great as learning lines becomes more difficult as he ages.

For info on how to book a visit from Santa for your event or promotion, or just to put a smile on your wee ones face, hit the button below.


JL Durnford

Who is she?

Former teacher, avid Disney lover, and kidney donor. Currently a political icon.
Likes: imrpov, activism, and dying her hair funky colours. 
Dislikes: corn, gluten and injustice



Who is he?

Mike got his start in improv comedy when he joined a local community group that was holding weekly workshops. That group morphed into present day ODHP. Unlike most of his cast mates, Mike has no other formal theater training (does grade nine drama count?) and simply relies on his life experiences and dark sense of humor for inspiration. In his free time he researches ways to control the mosquito population and enjoys running statistical analysis on his furnace usage.



Who is he?

Born of a hedgehog and a banana, Stephen started his theatrical career early enacting The Great Escape from his crib. ( How he got that motorcycle we'll never know). Nourished on a diet of Abbot and Costello, and Monty Python, he quickly annoyed all his friends, but found people in the Old Dance Hall Players who were tolerant and even more annoying. He found his tribe.



Who is she?

Kristen Keller is a professional actor and improviser who completed the improvisation program at Toronto's Second City, has trained with "Whose Line Is It Anyway’s?” musical improviser Laura Hall, and who currently performs with Orillia's 'Old Dance Hall Players', among other engagements when she finds time in her busy schedule.
"KK" has performed and taught with improv troupes in Toronto, London, Orillia and Barrie, and has 12 years teaching experience as well as starting an improv school in Stratford. 


Ted Coach

Who is he?

Ted saw an opportunity in the parking lot where ODHP used to rehearse, and took out one of the original members at the knee caps just before an important show for a Hollywood agent. Being a member down, they had no choice but to let him on stage. He’s been there ever since, clawing and fighting for his right to be there, and battling against the forces of evil who would be his undoing.

Ted 2.jpg


Who is he?

I am adorable! Love me!!



Who is she?

Stephanie Anderson is a Canadian performer, singer, choreographer, director and intimacy director. She is very involved in creating art wherever the opportunity presents itself. She has extensive dance, theatre and vocal training. She graduated from the Randolph Academy for Performing Arts and has been working in the industry ever since. As a performer she has worked with companies that include Smile Theatre Company, Vital Theatre Company, Sudbury Theatre Centre, The Rose Theatre and The Orillia Opera House. She is the resident choreographer at St.Andrew’s College and some of her work there was performed for Prince Harry himself! She continues to broaden her artistic horizons by immersing herself in all aspects of theatre. Currently she is enjoying the world of voice over cartoons and improv! Stephanie particularly enjoys being in an educational setting where she can share her knowledge with the upcoming generations. When she is creating art and working with emotion, she is in her element.



Who is she?

Caitlin enjoys long walks in the forest (she burns too quickly on the beach). She studied theatre arts at the University of Waterloo, and almost did her MFA in London, England, but didn't; thus choosing a life of regret, but no student debt. Some of her past work includes Clarice (CBS), a catchy Enercare commercial, and a sold-out Fringe show. "Chase your dreams; NO RUNNING IN THE HALL!"



Who is she?

Janet is a newer member of the Old Dance Hall Players and thinks improv is the scariest and most thrilling thing she has ever done...and that includes being a doctor during a global pandemic and regularly going to Costco on the Friday before a summer long weekend. She usually has to take several days off after an improv show because her abs hurt from laughing so much at the antics of her brilliant and hilarious improv friends. 

Check out Janet's pod cast Second Act Actors by clicking the button below. Informative and entertaining...and you may see a familiar face or two. 



Who is she?

After a more than ten year hiatus, Jessica is pleased as punch to be back doing what she loves, being goofy.  She has graduated from Humber School of Comedy (A legitimate college diploma) the Second City Conservatory Program and trained at the Impatient Theatre Company, Bad Dog Theatre Company and with So Cap Comedy.  She has performed on many stages and improv festivals including winning the 2010 Improv Cagematch and the Upright Citizen's Brigade's Del Close Marathon in New York City in 2007 and 2011.  She now lives in the Sunshine City with her husband and two kids...

...And yes, she cropped her own child out of this picture.

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